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Are you a Boss Lady?



Do you wear your invisible boss lady hat at all times? Recently I spoke with some representatives of a cosmetics direct sales company who had some valid company concerns.  Their concerns included ongoing out of stock issues which have lasted more than 8 months; poor quality control; lack of communication from corporate, overall lack of transparency from corporate and more.
My advice to them resulted in a basic question. Are you a boss lady? Are you a business woman?  If the answer is yes, then you need to take a stand.
Systemic out of stock issues without honest and consistent explanations is a serious red flag.  This particular company offered over 80 colors of lipstick however their track record has shown that only 4-5 colors are available at one time. Another flag; perhaps the company should reduce the color skews in order to have more stock available for reps.  Just a thought.
Your customers depend on you and the products you offer. Representatives may want to take a step back and reassess the business arrangement; what benefits are your or your customers receiving; perhaps you should add another or similar product line to satisfy your customers needs in the interim. Once the former company gets their business in order you can always return to ordering their products. Remember, you are the Boss of your company and the products you represent to the public. Customers don’t like excuses.
What are your thoughts?

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