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Are you a Boss Lady?


  Do you wear your invisible boss lady hat at all times? Recently I spoke with some representatives of a cosmetics direct sales company who had some valid company concerns.…

4 Crucial Marketing Tools for Promoting Your Business


Business promotion is quite important for profitability and growth. Promotion helps you reach out to more people, who can be turned into prospective customers and clients. Marketing strategies should be based on a…

The second coming of the Avon Lady


It’s still a business that’s predominantly run by women for women. But that extra X chromosome is about the only thing that today’s direct salespeople have in common with their…

Goal Setting


What do you want the rest of your life to look like? What type of picture have you painted for yourself? Is it a picture of desperation or is it…

How to make business card cubes


Making cubes out of business cards is easy, and will impress your friends! What you will need Everything you need is already at hand: Six business cards, and About five…

The Correlation Between MLM Success and Mentorship


This article was recommended by one of our visitors: We recently sponsored an event at a local university on the topic of women and mentorship. There was a panel discussion…

Top 10 Marketing Books of All Time


Essential books for entrepreneurs who really want to understand how and why their customers buy.   In previous posts, I’ve identified the best motivational books of all time and the best sales books of…

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