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Posts published by “Nicolette”

Motivation Needed?


What tools or steps do you use for motivation? Here are a few I have used. Reading a motivational book.(Doesn’t usually work for me.) Listening to a motivational speaker. Listening…

What are your thoughts?


Many of us use a white board to track business projects, what about doing something similar with tracking inventory?  What are your thoughts on laminating your inventory order sheet? Hmm,…

The Directory is Live!!


Our new and improved directory has gone live.  If you would like to be listed in the directory please check out the “Get Listed” tab.  Thank you so much for…

Ink for Now has Launched!


While perusing through facebook posts I ran across one talking about a new and unique company, I’m talking in it’s infancy.  That company is Ink for Now which is based…

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