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Posts published by “Nicolette”

Google Hangout


How great is this? Another awesome “free” tool.  For anyone in direct sales (or any type of sales) you generally set up face to face meetings, home parties, or team…

Check out the 2 Minute Jeunesse Video


Have you seen this video, it is awesome.  Be sure and check out what happens at the 1:50 minute mark.     Need more information, click here.

Inviting Email Contacts to Your Fanpage


Now that you have started a new business it is time to spread the word.  A social way to get the word out is to create a business fanpage on…

Personalization (Re-Post)


Once you have made the decision to join a network marketing company it will be time to get your online promotion started.  Many companies provide replicated websites to assist you.…

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