Did you know?

Did you know that this form could contain hidden money owed to you?
Did you know that if you’re not claiming “it”; you are giving it away as an interest free loan to the government?
Did you know that this hidden money that you are not claiming, could be taking thousands of dollars out of your household?
Did you know that there are tax laws that will allow you to exercise your rights as taxpayers to claim your hidden money?
Once I learned my rights, I learned how to use this form to claim what’s rightfully mine.

Keeping Track of Things

How do you keep it together with all of the things you have to remember.  The answer is – don’t try to remember everything.  Everyone is in business whether they are getting paid or not.  If you have a job, children, social interactions, etc. you have a business for which you need to keep track of things.

Here is an example:

Nicky works in the office at the local mill.  She has to log in to her computer so that she can clock in to track her time.  Next she has to log in to the server so that she can access internal emails.  Her manager calls her to ask about the status of an order; she then has to long into another internal system to get a status for her boss.  That’s a total of four separate log in’s within the first 30 minutes of her workday.  Now consider that Nicky also runs a part time business which requires multiple log ins to navigate.  How can she track all of her (non-job) log in user names and passwords?  Here is one quickie suggestion for keeping up with your personal log in information – Google Contacts.

Your Google contacts are normally on your cell phone which most of us keep nearby.  Why not create a contact for each log in you need?  Here is a sample Google contact card.

Notice that I did not include a password.  I recommend using a question or phrase which will remind you of the password.  Utilize the tools which are already available to you i.e. Google Contacts.  We would love to hear your recommendations.





Who is myEcon?

myEcon, Inc. is a debt free company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company name myEcon, is short for “my Economy”; because the founders envision each individual taking care of their Personal Economy just as governments and corporations take care of theirs. myEcon empowers its Associates to attain financial success by helping Associates earn income through a web-based business system and by teaching them financial strategies.

Who should join myEcon:

  • Those who have a job.
  • Those interested in retaining earnings.
  • Those interested in creating a financial legacy.
  • Those interested in educating and empowering others.
  • Those interested in “income shifting”.
  • Everyone

myEcon helps you to maximize take home pay and how to use the increased earnings for investing or debt elimination and so much more.  You will learn how to generate business income while appropriately track business expenses; how to generate passive income and more.

The cost to join myEcon is $34.95 per month.  Here is a listing of some of the things included with your monthly membership:

  • A personalized website
  • Online business system
  • Financial software
  • Valuable tax benefits
  • Ongoing training and mentoring
  • New marketable skillsets in business management, finance, correcting W4’s and understanding credit.
  • much more!!

If you would like more information on myEcon you can visit the website or join our Facebook group.

Linktr.ee – If you’re not using it – you should be.

A direct sales cohort shared the awesome tool of Linktr.ee with me today and I wanted to share it with you.  If you are using social media for your business; then this free instagram tool is for you.  Instagram allows you to enter one url in your profile which is great but what if you have multiple sites. (Facebook, twitter, websites, etc.) Linktr.ee is the answer.


Linktr.ee gives you a free a landing page without having to build it yourself. When you go to the Linktr.ee site, join, add your instagram account and you are in!  You can then add any other social media accounts or websites.  You also have the option of changing the color format.  The preview screen is quite helpful to see how everything will look to viewers.  Here is a picture of mine:

Get your Free Linktr.ee landing site.



Proximity Marketing: How to Attract More Shoppers With Beacon Technology

70% of shoppers who received beacon-triggered content on their smartphone said it increased their likelihood to make a purchase during a store visit.


Beacon technology has been generating buzz since Apple introduced Bluetooth beacons to the market in 2013. This year, they’re expected to drive over $44 billion in retail sales and continue to climb. Yet, despite the initial excitement from tech industry insiders and early retail adopters, beacons have still been slow to catch on. Read the original article here.

Direct Sales MUA

What’s wrong with a bit of passive marketing?

Chron.com defines passive marketing as marketing that incurs one-time or minimal investment of time and costs, such as the cost associated with setting up a directory listing, or making posts on blogs or social network sites.

Passive marketing is something which should be incorporated into your daily habits.  Not only is it quite handy when you just aren’t in the mood for active marketing but it takes very little effort.   Design a t-shirt or order a pre-designed shirt from your company to wear on your daily outings. Here are some examples of comfy tee shirts related to the beauty industry.  Enjoy and be sure to use your prime shipping option.



Real talk: If you decide to purchase one of the shirts theDSL will receive a small affiliate commission.

Marketing Tips


Who doesn’t like free marketing tips and tools?  We love to learn new things and to share good information.  One of the latest tools we have been trying out  is a social media auto poster – PromoRepublic.  Thus far it has worked quite well and there is a learning curve.

PromoRepublic has been great for posting ideas and examples.  Give it a try for yourself by taking a short trial.  Let us know how it works for you.

Feel free to share your latest tips and tools with us.

5 Tips on Automating Social Media Marketing

5 Tips on Automating Social Media Marketing

Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or other type social media professional, you want your social media tasks to be more efficient without other activities that will also drive business to your page. It can be very time consuming to sort through the many automation tools out there; to help you make the right choice here are a few tips on automating your social media marketing.

Fill Your Social Media Calendar, But Don’t Check Out

You know you have to post high-quality content. It’s a competitive landscape, and you want your posts to do their job, which is to create engagement and drive traffic. Social media automation tools (especially PromoRepublic) can help you do that. You can create and auto schedule posts on certain days to make sure you’re posting consistently.


It is important, however, to make sure you don’t make your social feed look like you’re dialing it in. People pay attention these days. Holidays, events, special days and more can help you fill your social media calendar with timely, contextual and relevant posts that look thoughtful. Carelessly posting will make you look, well, careless.

Check out PromoRepublic’s calendar of ideas to schedule professional looking posts in seconds

Know When You Need to Be Around

Just because you have your posts scheduled and you know they are good does not mean that you can never be present on social media. In fact, if your posts are doing their job, you can expect quite a bit of engagement on your posts. Since it’s vitally important for your social presence to have a real face and voice behind it, automating replies is a definite no-no. That means you need to:

•Reply to comments yourself and in real time

•Answer questions yourself and in real time

•Reply to private messages personally and in real time

•Retweet manually (more on this in a minute)

•Leave comments on pages and tweet at people yourself

A word about retweets. There are people who retweet every tweet that mentions them. DO NOT DO THAT. It’s self promotional, it annoys people and it creates tons of Twitter clutter. Don’t be responsible for Twitter clutter.

Knowing when you need to be around doesn’t mean that you have to haunt your social media channels 24/7. Pay attention to when your comments, likes and questions tend to come in and try checking in at those times. If that doesn’t work, set notifications for your social channels OR, check in at certain times every day and communicate those times to your fans and followers. It will give you added opportunities for Facebook Live events and Twitter Groups. And, speaking of timing…

Make Sure You Have An Ideal Posting Schedule for Each Channel

It’s all well and good to create posts your audience wants to see. But, if you post it at a time that they won’t see it, you aren’t doing your social media duties properly. Luckily, figuring out what time to post isn’t very hard. Certain automation tools can help you, but Facebook and Twitter have native apps that tell you all you need to know about optimal posting times. You want to figure out:

•Where are the majority of your fans and followers?

•What time do you get likes and shares on your posts?

•When are you available to check social media?

Yep, it’s best to schedule posts with potential engagement (and that’s all of them, Folks) for times that you might be around to respond to comments and questions. So, combine point 2 with this point, because the very best social media marketers use their intuition and the analytics to tell them when to post, and when to be there to respond.

Yes, Set Notifications 

We sort of glossed over it earlier, but notifications are some social media marketer’s favorite tools. Again, there are third-party apps out there that will let you know when someone reacts on Facebook or Twitter, but those platforms have that option built right in.

With Facebook, it’s under Settings>Notifications. You can set email notifications or text notifications for messages, posts on your timeline, comments on your links, and more.



Twitter, same deal. It’s under Settings>Email notifications and you can tell Twitter to email you when someone mentions you in a Tweet that’s liked and lots of other scenarios. You never have to miss a potential interaction on social media. You just have to decide how many emails you’re able to handle.



Curate With Care

You know the 5-3-2 rule, right? We’ve talked about it before. For every ten things you post, five should be content from others, three should be content from you, and two should be content that’s personal. Everybody’s definition of content from others, your own content and personal content differs. Of course when you share content from others, you have to make sure it’s relevant to your audience. Whether you’re sharing a blog post, someone else’s status, or retweeting, keep your audience in mind when choosing curated content.

While there are plenty of tools out there, like BuzzSumo and others, that will help you find relevant content to curate, this is a time where we believe it is especially important to listen closely to your social audiences and find content organically that is a good fit for your needs.


The reason is, if you take yourself on your customer’s fact-finding and information mining mission, you will likely understand them better. And, once you find the right blog post or article that they want to see, before they know they want to see it, you know you’ve succeeded.

Never miss an opportunity to connect with your social audience.


The DSL Team

Is it really WAH or is it WFH?


Work at Home or Work from Home: do they mean the same thing?  What category does your business fall into:  WAH or WFH?  If you are an independent associate or representative of a company; how you run your individual business is the deciding factor between the two categories.


An independent representative works with two companies, Scentsy which has tangible products and LegalShield with intangible products, legal services. Wouldn’t these be considered “home based” work from home businesses because you have to leave home to sell your products or services.

#Scentsy is known as a party plan company and to host parties or events you generally must leave home to meet with your hostesses and to deliver your products.

#LegalShield is known as a network marketing company however it is encouraged that you host and attend business briefings, conduct one on one meetings and presentations if you want to build sustainable income.

A true work at home business generally means everything is done via phone or computer. Yes, you can run most businesses from home if they offer a website and/or drop shipping but your success levels will vary.

Analyze how you run your business, categorize it, then promote it for how it truly stands: WAH or WFH.  It matters to the potential recruit.  Be upfront about how you run your business and give them options on how they can run their potential new business.

Share your thoughts or opinions on our #Facebook Page.  Would love to hear from you.



Are you a Boss Lady?


Do you wear your invisible boss lady hat at all times? Recently I spoke with some representatives of a cosmetics direct sales company who had some valid company concerns.  Their concerns included ongoing out of stock issues which have lasted more than 8 months; poor quality control; lack of communication from corporate, overall lack of transparency from corporate and more.
My advice to them resulted in a basic question. Are you a boss lady? Are you a business woman?  If the answer is yes, then you need to take a stand.
Systemic out of stock issues without honest and consistent explanations is a serious red flag.  This particular company offered over 80 colors of lipstick however their track record has shown that only 4-5 colors are available at one time. Another flag; perhaps the company should reduce the color skews in order to have more stock available for reps.  Just a thought.
Your customers depend on you and the products you offer. Representatives may want to take a step back and reassess the business arrangement; what benefits are your or your customers receiving; perhaps you should add another or similar product line to satisfy your customers needs in the interim. Once the former company gets their business in order you can always return to ordering their products. Remember, you are the Boss of your company and the products you represent to the public. Customers don’t like excuses.
What are your thoughts?