Sas Spurilla

Sas Spurilla
Sas Spurilla

SAS SPURILLA is a unique business opportunity that allows you to become the CEO of your own business, determine your own schedule, and earn as much income as you choose. Whether you are looking for a part-time income for groceries or fun money, or you are goal driven with a desire to create a full-time career income. Either way, you choose your terms. With a 25% commission, making your goals a reality is easy!

Start your career with SAS SPURILLA today! Order your Business System for only $149! Optimize your sales and choose between two kit options: The Best Sellers “Pre-Pack” Trunk Show or The “Build Your Own” Trunk Show from pre-selected groupings.

We offer beautiful jewelry designs with a western influence combined with a cross-over Vintage Vogue style. SAS SPURILLA is different than other jewelry business models because it allows each woman to create their own style and uniqueness, mixing and matching different pieces together.

Earn 25% commission on personal sales
Earn up to 10% in over-ride commissions
Great Fast Start Incentives
Fun Monthly Bonuses
Training from top trainers in the industry

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