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Coffee or Tea

JIC Nation with Ashley Jane
Coleman, Michigan
Ashley Jane, Founding Representative

Hi! I am Ashley Jane, sales consultant with JIC Nation. I have been with JIC since May of 2014. I love our scents they are always spot on and can fill my house with such amazing smells. (I mean come on who wants to be able to smell my dogs anyways! HAHA)

I started JIC as a way to have a cash and carry for events, but it turn into more than that for me. It grew with me. In 2015, I found out I was pregnant! However, we both just became unemployed around Christmas time, without warning, uh-oh. We had a baby on the way and the only income we had was my Jewelry In Candles business (now known as JIC Nation). We need money, not wanted, needed. I started working my JIC businesses full-time, I made a business plan, started pushing it more and more everyday; until I made it a success to help support us in our time of need. And you know what? It worked, we made it through our hardship and running my JIC business helped us do that! If your interested in becoming a JIC rep you can email me or visit my store.

Our best know product line is our classic line. These are candles and tarts with jewelry inside! You can select the type of jewelry you want to get inside, from there the actual piece is a surprise! If want to know your exact piece of jewelry our Pink Flame is for you! Don’t care for jewelry? No worries! We have you covered too, our basic line would be great for you! We also offer warmers, jewelry cleaner, bath bombs with jewelry, a wrinkle eraser, and a weight loss coffee!

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Total Life Changes
United States
Christal Savoy

TLC is changing an industry so you can change your life. You Can Wake Up And Be Awesome! Act now! Don’t Miss the Opportunity to be Part of Our Success Stories! TLC is all About CHANGE – Are you ready to stay healthy and get wealthy?

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