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Your Inspiration At Home

Your Inspiration At Home
Sara Kucharski

Your Inspiration at Home began in Australia and then landed in New Zealand followed by the United States and Canada. YIAH picked up My Secret Kitchen in the United Kingdom and now it’s making waves in the Republic of Ireland. Be among some of the first consultants to pioneer our latest region!


You love food. You like to try new things and experience different cultures. Now, with Your Inspiration at Home (YIAH), you can experience unique international flavours without leaving your kitchen. Enjoy the exact same meals as other families throughout the world, quickly and easily. We gather the globe around the same table with products you simply can’t find in a store or anywhere else.

Our all-natural seasonings, spices, salts and other items are inspired by ethnic regions and custom blended to make cooking fast, simple and healthy (with no added gluten, MSG or preservatives). To bring you your Passport to Authentic Flavour™, company founder and spice curator Colleen Walters travels the world for inspiration and personally develops every culturally-unique blend.


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