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Posts published in “Network Marketing”

Pyramid Scheme


I’ve noticed on social media that for every positive post about a business opportunity someone will comment ” is this a pyramid scheme”.  If it was a pyramid scheme, why…

Alaska – Here We Come!!!


Legal Shield is such a forward thinking, growth oriented company.   This company is poised to expand into Alaska and beginning July 1st, will launch their SNAP mobile application for…

Inviting Email Contacts to Your Fanpage


Now that you have started a new business it is time to spread the word.  A social way to get the word out is to create a business fanpage on…

LilyBean & Baxter


LilyBean & Baxter offers a wide range of items (over 4,000) which include, wedding items (cake toppers, isle runners, invitations, gifts for the wedding party (which can be personalized) and…

How To Sell Without Selling


A few weeks ago I was walking through Home Depot looking for light bulbs when I incidentally locked eyes with a gentleman carrying a clipboard, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt…

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