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Posts published in “Editorials”

Communication is Key


I would like to share an experience that was relayed to me by a friend, we’ll call her Karen.  Karen was researching for a direct sales business that she could…

Something to think about.


When weighing your decision on which direct sales company to go into business with; make sure the company has a product that “you” love, enjoy, believe in wholeheartedly.  Remember, this…

What’s Your Passion?


“If you have a passion, or even just a burning desire to live an extraordinary life… to be an example to others for how to overcome obstacles and create opportunities…

Is La Bella Baskets a Scam? by: Eddy Salomon


Is La Bella Baskets a Scam? by: Eddy Salomon Today I want to introduce you to a home based business, La Bella Baskets. Please note I said this a home…

Hand Holding


Hand holding, do you need it?  When selecting a network marketing business recruits must decide how they want to run their business and what they expect to get out of…

What not to do!


This morning has been an adventure.  In continuing my company research, I called the corporate office of a Direct Sales company and asked for the name and numbers of some…

Doctorate Thesis


I’m working towards my doctorate so that I can get that PhD in the business of Nicolette.  Searching and researching the many sources on network, affiliate, mlm marketing is a…

What is it?


The term “network marketing” is also known as multi-level marketing, direct selling, affiliate marketing, referral marketing to name a few.  It is a term that companies use as a business…

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