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Fibi & Clo


Would to love to hear from our public who are in the know about the relaunch of Fibi & Clo.

What’s your opinion? Are you going to sign up to be a Fashion Ambassador?


From what we hear; they are returning with a vengeance and looking for true mentors and entrepreneurs to join them on their ride to success.  Take a bit of reflection and decide at what level you want to start your business.  Will this be a hobby for you or the start of a great business career? Choose your upline well because I’m sure they are like most companies and you will not be able to change.  There are quite a few posts on Facebook asking people to sign up using their name as the referral.  Please make sure you know who you are signing with and what kind of support they have to offer.  Even if your upline/recruiter is new in the business but willing to learn/share/work hard for his or her team that is better than someone who signs you and leaves you.  (Just our two cents.)


Check out the Fibi & Clo Facebook page; tell them the DSL sent you.




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