Google Voice – A Must Have Tool

As an entrepreneur you must have a designated phone number for your clients/customers to reach you.  The problem is no one wants to purchase a separate phone line for their business; solution – Google Voice.

Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones.  This number can be connected to your home phone number or cell number; you are not tied to a device or a location. With Google voice you can set up a specific voice mail introducing your company and the opportunity to leave a message if you cannot take the call.  Upon initial set up, you will decide if and where calls will be forwarded or you can have all calls forwarded to voice mail.  If Google Voice is not on forwarding, the calls will go to the number specified with caller ID as either the actual caller or it can say “Google Voice”.  You will then have the opportunity to take the call or forward it to voice mail. If the call goes to voice mail, you will receive an email dictating the message.  How cool is that?

Did I mention that this service is free?

Google Voice isn’t a phone service, but it lets you manage all of your phones. Google Voice works with mobile phones, desk phones, work phones, and VoIP lines. There’s nothing to download, upload, or install, and you don’t have to make or take calls using a computer. Note: At this time Google Voice is only available in the U.S.

Your Direct Selling Diva – and here is an informational video about Google Voice.


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