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meHello, I’m Nicolette and I have a long history working in sales and marketing (homebased and corporate). Please follow fellow contributors and myself on the never ending journey of marketing yourself, your products and increasing your knowledge base along the way after all; if you are in sales and marketing you are a lifetime learner.  At the Direct Sellers Lounge you can kick off your shoes and take a break while perusing through articles, tips, tools, reviews and more. We also enjoy input from readers about their experiences.  Please feel free to share.


More about me:  I have worked in various forms of marketing and management for 20+ years (mortgage and insurance industry as well as my own home-based businesses), my undergraduate degree is in Business with an MBA in Management.  In addition I am Texas Certified Teacher in Business Education and MarketingPast (and some current) adventures include: Avon, Mary Kay, Mobile Notary, Field Inspections, Excel, Flashnet, In-Home Mortgage Closings, ACN, Amway, La Bella Baskets and more. Remember this is over a 20+ year span.  FYI, Network Marketing includes affiliate marketing, direct sales, multi-level marketing, etc.

As many of you have probably experienced; I often heard from friends and family that I was wasting my time trying to work from home. During those times there was no one (that I could find) to mentor or guide me which necessitated becoming my own teacher. My two children were active participants (cheerleaders) in my endeavors. They participated by earning 10% of all paid invoices and occasionally had to stick there heads out of the sunroof or window of my car when performing drive by field inspections – they would take pictures of the properties.

This website/blog was created with the hope that others who may have similar backgrounds or interests can know that they are not alone. Some of the “adventures” listed were a complete success and helped me to give up part time jobs which took time away from my children . Some of the “adventures” listed might be considered failures by some but they have strengthened me. Through the successes and so-called failures there has been a common thread – an increase in my knowledge base and learning my the experience.

Have I reached my income goal yet (six figures) income in Network Marketing or Direct Sales…..no, not yet (keeping hope alive). You probably didn’t expect me to say that, but I believe in being honest. Only you can decide if sales, marketing or direct sales will be a good fit for you.  My recommendation is to try it; choose two companies or businesses that fit your personality/goals, then step out of your comfort zone (ignore the introvert in you) and do it. Yes, I did say two companies – always go for multiple streams of income because nothing is permanent.

If you have questions, would like to submit an article or review, want to share tips, please email me at nicolette@thedsl.com.

Your Introverted Diva,



Food for thought:

If you are an Introvert (like me), the following may apply to you:

May be seen as reserved; no-nonsense; comfortable or prefers being alone; prefers a small, close circle of friends; does not require the outside world; thought oriented; seeks knowledge; prefers meaningful interactions; focused;dependable etc. I am an introvert who has the ability appear as an extrovert when necessary.