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Ink for Now has Launched!


While perusing through facebook posts I ran across one talking about a new and unique company, I’m talking in it’s infancy.  That company is Ink for Now which is based out of Washington State.  If it is not obvious by the name, their product line consists of temporary tattoos.

Now my first thought was of the temporary tattoos we all had as children.  You know those that don’t adhere all the way, partially or completely disappear at the first hint of water or better yet start to crumble.  Well that is definitely not what Ink for Now is offering.  Their tag line is simple and true.

shoulder personalized copyYour body is a canvas ~ Transform your art
whenever you choose with Ink for Now
Temporary Tattoos.

We all decorate or bodies in some form or fashion, be it cosmetics, tattoos, piercings, etc.  Most people have wanted a tattoo at one time or another but may have been hesitant about something permanent. Here is your answer.

As for the homebased business individual, this will be a fun and unique product and there is so much room for growth that it was a no-brainer for me to get on board.  The company launched 7-1-15 and all new representatives who sign up before 7-15 will be considered Founding Representatives who will have a few more perks. The join fee is as low as $49.95, no monthly fees, no quotas.  If you would like more information please visit my website.Capture


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