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Keeping Track of Things


How do you keep it together with all of the things you have to remember.  The answer is – don’t try to remember everything.  Everyone is in business whether they are getting paid or not.  If you have a job, children, social interactions, etc. you have a business for which you need to keep track of things.

Here is an example:

Nicky works in the office at the local mill.  She has to log in to her computer so that she can clock in to track her time.  Next she has to log in to the server so that she can access internal emails.  Her manager calls her to ask about the status of an order; she then has to long into another internal system to get a status for her boss.  That’s a total of four separate log in’s within the first 30 minutes of her workday.  Now consider that Nicky also runs a part time business which requires multiple log ins to navigate.  How can she track all of her (non-job) log in user names and passwords?  Here is one quickie suggestion for keeping up with your personal log in information – Google Contacts.

Your Google contacts are normally on your cell phone which most of us keep nearby.  Why not create a contact for each log in you need?  Here is a sample Google contact card.

Notice that I did not include a password.  I recommend using a question or phrase which will remind you of the password.  Utilize the tools which are already available to you i.e. Google Contacts.  We would love to hear your recommendations.





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