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Mobile Notary


Interested in starting a home based business which doesn’t require purchasing inventory, hosting parties or business receptions? Consider becoming a Mobile Notary or a Signing Agent. Dependent on your state, you can check with the Secretary of State website to see what the requirements are for your state. Contact organizations which also sell packages which include your notary application as well as your notary seal and journal. You can purchase a basic package for less than $100; you can also upgrade with several additions.

How can I make money as a mobile notary?
…providing basic notarizations (your state will determine the amount you can charge per notarizations however you can also charge per mile.

…real estate closing notarizations (you will negotiate your closing fees with the closing company)

…I-9 notarizations (companies may request that you come to their location to complete multiple I-9 forms for a per form fee or lump sum amount)

…field inspections (Didn’t know that could be included within your mobile notary business? Yes, inspection and/or insurance companies will contact you for inspections services.)

…Although some states do not allow real estate closings without an attorney, you can still provide closing services for other types of loans, other than real property.

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