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Multi-Tasking Skills Needed for a Home Based Business


What are some of the multi-tasking skills needed to manage a home based business?

…Curiosity. That same curiosity that led you to visit our blog will be very useful to you in researching potential businesses. As a business person it is your responsibility to ferret out the pros and cons within your business industry as well as those of any direct sales company with which you are interested. Always read the fine print.

…Accounting. All businesses cost money. If you come across an offer that says you can join or start “this” business for zero cost; run. Your cost will include: internet, cell phone use, gas for your car, inventory, business cards, website, supplies for events and more. You will need to take an assessment of what you already have, determine a firm number on how much you can spend to gets started as well as a “firm” number you can afford to spend monthly to keep the business going. As a personal accountant it is your responsibility to determine the numbers and stay within those confines.

…Housekeeper and/or File Clerk. In researching the business you have accumulated a lot information, where does the information need to be kept (or do you need to keep the information)? It is always a good idea to have an online and offline filing system. You will receive business introductory letters, independent associate contracts (for direct sellers), marketing materials as well as various forms. Your contact person or upline will also send you daily, weekly or monthly emails about current activities and upcoming events or sales. Within your email system you will need to create a file with the name of your business and sub files with the names of your contact person or upline as well as files for marketing; recruiting; downline; statistics, etc.

…Typing or Keyboarding; as you can see from some of the skills I have already listed, this is a necessity. No one said you need to type 70 words per minute but you can’t be afraid of keyboards because they are everywhere. In today’s society, we must use keyboards on a computer or mac, cell phones, tablets, grocery store check out, etc. Why not embrace it and improve your skills the same time. Most people have a cell phone, start there by playing with your settings to see just what your phone will do. Remember, most direct sales companies allow you to sign up online (maybe that is their way of verifying your technology skills).

Most of these skills you use on a daily basis to manage your households, why not put them to use in a home based business?

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