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Steps to Utilizing Your Email Contacts


One of the requirements of business ownership is marketing.  One way to market is to create a businessbrown curly pink comment face copy fanpage on Facebook.  This is the followup to a previous post on how to solve the problem of not sending invite requests to everyone in your current contacts.  Here are the steps.

  1. Create a Gmail account using the name of your business.  For example, I have
  2. During the creation of the new Gmail account, the wizard will ask if you would like to import contacts from another email account, the answer is “no”.
  3. Continue with the Gmail wizard in setting up the new email address.
  4. Open your old email account (this example is for Gmail) and go to contacts
  5. Click on “More” > scroll down to “Export”
  6. Select “All Contacts”
  7. In the section “Which Export Format” choose Google CSV however if it is not a Gmail account which you set up in step one, choose Outlook CSV.
  8. Select Export
  9. You will see a file created in the lower left corner of your monitor. Save this file to your desktop.

Click here for an article on how to import these contacts into your new email account.  For more advanced, you can also edit the CSV file on your computer before importing but that is in another post.

Once you have imported the contacts into your new email account consider creating groups.  Group labels could be:  Team Members, Leads, Leads from 2-19-15 Event, Upline, Resources, etc.  Each time you enter a contact you should attach a group label.  When searching for a contact, you can limit the search by the group label.  Contact us if you would like more help, that is why we are here.

Wishing you a wonderful day!!

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