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Posts tagged as “marketing”

Direct Sales MUA


Passive marketing is quite handy when you just aren’t in the mood for active marketing.   Here are a few comfy tee shirts to wear if you are in the…

Share Your Product Reviews


Direct Sales Entrepreneurs do you buy from other Direct Sellers?  If so, here is a way for you to show entrepreneurial solidarity.  Write a short review on your experience with…

4 Crucial Marketing Tools for Promoting Your Business


Business promotion is quite important for profitability and growth. Promotion helps you reach out to more people, who can be turned into prospective customers and clients. Marketing strategies should be based on a…

My 3 Step System for Direct Sales Follow Up


We’ve all been there. You have a note to make a follow up call to someone whom you’ve been following up with for weeks (or maybe even months). You stare…

7 Steps to a Successful Direct Sales Business


Did you know that direct sales is considered a “recession proof” business? Historically, according to the DSA, our industry sees an increase in sales and recruiting during more difficult economic…

Who is “Simply You”


Ever wish you were at the beginning of a successful company?  Simply You opened January 2011 in both the United States and Canad; they are looking for jewelry advisers  This company…

How To Sell Without Selling


A few weeks ago I was walking through Home Depot looking for light bulbs when I incidentally locked eyes with a gentleman carrying a clipboard, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt…

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