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Posts tagged as “tools”

Marketing Tips


  Who doesn’t like free marketing tips and tools?  We love to learn new things and to share good information.  One of the latest tools we have been trying out…

5 Tips on Automating Social Media Marketing


5 Tips on Automating Social Media Marketing Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or other type social media professional, you want your social media tasks to be more efficient…

Google Hangout


How great is this? Another awesome “free” tool.  For anyone in direct sales (or any type of sales) you generally set up face to face meetings, home parties, or team…

How to make business card cubes


Making cubes out of business cards is easy, and will impress your friends! What you will need Everything you need is already at hand: Six business cards, and About five…



If you are contemplating starting a small business but you haven’t decided on which direction you will go, here are a few simple preparatory things to do while waiting.  …

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