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Planner or Calendar: Whether you are a paper and pen kind of person or the Queen of Tech, a calendar is essential.  Google Calendar is quite handy in that it keeps your computer calendar and cell phone calendar synced at all times.  Google also has quite a few modules which you can opt into for free. If you want to try out a free printable calendar here is a link for you to visit iHeart Planners. 


Business Cards:  If you are in a direct sales/party plan company; most kits will come with basic business cards which will have an area for you to write your name and contact data (or to place a label).  Consider ordering free and inexpensive business cards from VistaPrint.  Why not place an order for cards with your company?  Because they will cost a lot more and most of the time when you are starting a new business, you will change the data listed on y250 Premium Business Cards for $10 shipped!our cards multiple times before you are comfortable with the formatting.  You can order 250 premium cards from VistaPrint for $10-15.  Also, keep an eye out for Groupon specials for VistaPrint.  Running a business can be expensive and cutting cost can be imperative – it will also allow you to put the savings towards inventory, etc.


A Business Phone Number: For a more professional look/feel why not have a separate business phone number?  Google Voice is free!  Here is the link to video which will walk you through your account set up.



A Domain Name:  You have taken a leap of faith and started a new business.  Your corporate office has graciously given you a website with an address that may look something like this rep name.  Others I have noticed are – how can your customers remember that web addresGet Noticed with a $7.99 .Com/.CO from Go Daddy! s?  What if they don’t have your catalog or brochure with them but they do want to place an order?  You can purchase a domain name (that does not include the name of your party plan company) and have the purchased domain link directly to the website issued by your corporate office.  Here is an example:  A Lipsense – Senegence representative using www.IntrovertedBeauty –  do you get my point?  As a home based entrepreneur, your personal branding is essential.  The corporate company already has online branding and this is your business.  People will buy from you and they need to know “your” website address, not the one which belongs to corporate.  Remember, should you decide to leave one company and go to another, you own your domain and you can direct it to a new site.  I’ve used Godaddy as my domain choice simply because of their awesome customer service which is available 24/7 and their prices aren’t bad either.


Now for accounting and keeping track of receipts; try Wave.  Their free version is perfect if you are just starting out and includes:

  • Accounting Software
  • Invoicing
  • Receipt Scanning 


Dropbox:  Never heard of it?  This is another free service available to anyone.  This is a file sharing service which allows you to share photos, documents, videos – you get the idea.  This free program can be downloaded to your computers, tablets and cell phones.  Why would dropbox-logotype-vertical-coloryou need this service; to have all of your business information readily available?  If you set up business folders within your Dropbox on one computer, tablet or phone it will sink with all of your electronics which have the Dropbox application.  This means that if you are out grocery shopping (not planning on seeing customers) and you meet a potential customer or business recruit; you can open Dropbox on your phone and show them pictures of your products, get their email address and immediately send them an information file.  

PopupAlly – If you’re looking to grow your subscriber list, then PopupAlly is the no-fluff free WordPress popup plugin for you. PopupAlly offers free and paid versions.


Want your own store without the headache of shipping? Printful will drop ship your product. Printful prints and sends your custom print designs to your customers for products such as t-shirts, posters, canvas, mugs etc.


Royaltie Gems: Essential tool to get started with proximity marketing.  These gems will allow you to send notifications to anyone within 100 yards of the device.  For more information visit their FB Business Page.

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