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Free Websites

So your company provides a lovely replicated website for you so why do you need another one?  Buy in, that’s why.  You want the public to buy in to “you” first, then your company or product.  Remember, companies come and go but you want to always retain your customer base.  This is not just for direct sales it also for the salesperson who works in a brick and mortar entity.  In the event that you choose to walk, if our client’s have bought into you “first” then they will follow you.  You can create a free website or blog that gives a short biography about you, your business and most of all – a section on why a customer or potential recruit should work with you.  Here are a few free sites to choose from: – blog format

Blogger – blog format

Moonfruit – website format

Tumbler – blog format

Weebly – website format

Wix – website format – website format

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