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Vista Fear


Okay, I decided to order business cards from Vistaprints to promote myself. While ordering the cards, vistaprints offered (for a small fee) a lovely t-shirt which matched my cards. I included the shirt with my order thinking that I can wear it to the gym and do a little self-marketing. The website address on the shirt is which is a domain name I own that directs the viewer to my affiliate site. Anyway, why did I suddenly have trepidation about wearing my namesake in public. Remember the name of this blog refers to introverts. The introvert in me began to rear it’s ugly head, thinking what do I say if someone asks me about the site. Duh….isn’t that what a marketer wants…tell them it is an affiliate site and encourage them to visit.

Okay, don’t laugh because all introverts have had these conversations with themselves at one time or another. Continuing on in my adventures.

Best Wishes,


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