Is it really WAH or is it WFH?


Work at Home or Work from Home: do they mean the same thing?  What category does your business fall into:  WAH or WFH?  If you are an independent associate or representative of a company; how you run your individual business is the deciding factor between the two categories.


An independent representative works with two companies, Scentsy which has tangible products and LegalShield with intangible products, legal services. Wouldn’t these be considered “home based” work from home businesses because you have to leave home to sell your products or services.

#Scentsy is known as a party plan company and to host parties or events you generally must leave home to meet with your hostesses and to deliver your products.

#LegalShield is known as a network marketing company however it is encouraged that you host and attend business briefings, conduct one on one meetings and presentations if you want to build sustainable income.

A true work at home business generally means everything is done via phone or computer. Yes, you can run most businesses from home if they offer a website and/or drop shipping but your success levels will vary.

Analyze how you run your business, categorize it, then promote it for how it truly stands: WAH or WFH.  It matters to the potential recruit.  Be upfront about how you run your business and give them options on how they can run their potential new business.

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